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Quality LiPo parallel charging boards for LiPo chargers manufacturing.


With CleanBoard parallel charging boards combines quality components with low prices.

Thanks to the idea of coming as a DIY kit to solder Yourself. Most of us can solder anyway, so why pay extra for low quality soldering from china. If You ever build a racing drone Yourself, You have enough skill to solder CleanBoard as well!

All kits for liPo batteries charging boards comes with YouTube video that shows whole soldering process and gives few tips and tricks on how to do it faster, easier and more “CleanBuild way”.



Charging different LiPo packs? We have a solution for everyone!

Kits come with everything You need to build a Parallel Charging Board so you don’t have to source components Yourself. All You need is soldering iron, solder, multimeter and 1-2h of spare time 🙂


1. If you are focused primarily on safety when charging your multicell LiPo packs, consider:

CleanBoard Fuse Kit – Safest Lipo Charging Parallel Board


as it has all the safety features available, similar to Joshua Bardwell Parallel charging Board, or Luminier Paraguard.  15A automotive fuses to protect against shorts on main line and PTC fuses for every balancer port that may protect in case of misaligned balancer plug, or uneven Voltage between Lipo cells.



2. On the other hand, if all You care is what You get for Your money

CleanBoard Classic Kit – best quality for a buck


Lets You charge up to 10! LiPo batteries at the same time. Choose between two different balance connectors. What is the most important You don’t have to worry about compromised quality of cheap paraboards and risk burning your expensive LiPo Packs.



3. Last, but not least is something shiny for 1s whop and toothpick lovers. 

CleanBoard Tiny Kit – 1s series charging board with STORAGE!


Tiered of Your 1s LiPos wearing out quickly? CleanBoard Tiny is a 1S batteries charging board that lets You STORAGE MODE your 1s LiPo to save them from wearing our quickly. Lets You charge 1 – 6 1s LiPo packs at the same time.

This 1s batteries charging board connects packs in series (not parallel) so you don’t have to measure LiPo before plugging in! Yes, it is true! You can plug discharged and charged LiPo safely together! After plugging in, choose charge, discharge or storage mode and You are done! Super convenient!



DIY is great, You can choose connectors for Your Parallel Charging Board that You really use!

Want to know more about DIY?

Check my Blog post about doing Your own Parallel charge board



Besides being very cost – effective, DIY lets You choose the connectors that You really use. PCB mounting holes hes been designed to fit many different ones. Charging both xt60 and xt30? No problem, because You can even mix! Check what connectors comes stock in a kit and contact me before buying. I will switch xt60 for xt30 and 6s balance for 2s, 3s, 4s if You wish 🙂


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