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Thas is how CleanWIre mounts at Your frame

CleanWire – Best Race Wire

CleanWire V3

Extreme Power delivery

Double Layer 2oz Copper to peak even the biggest brushless motors

Works with every motor company – T-Motor , Xing, X-Nova, BrotherHobby, Flywoo, Hypetrain, TBS Ethix, GepRC and all others

Biggest pads Possible – Soldering friendly

Easy and clean soldering – fast motor swaps in the field, beginner friendly

8mm wide, 30mm long – fits every frame

Stay Save!

Easiest motor cables protection against prop strikes.

CleanWire pads will rip easier than your ESC pads when you brak an arm. It’s faster and cheaper to replace CleanWire than your expensive ESC

Clean – minimalistic design for Your drone

Minimalistic Logo only side – for cleanest look

Clean black on the other side – for cleanest look of your quad

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