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DIY Parallel Charging Board.

Soldering diy parallel charging board kit

Do it Yourself LiPo parallel charging boards.

Making Yourself a DIY LiPo charging plate (board) is a nice option to save costs, but may overwhelm when collecting all the parts. Safety may be even more challenging as charging LiPo batteries is always connected to some danger and even one bad connection while making DIY parallel charging board may ruin Your day, destroy Your LiPo batteries or even cause fire.

Table of contents:

  • What DIY means?
  • What are DIY drawbacks?
  • How did the CleanBoard project start?
  • Low quality options.
  • High price options.
  • Idea behind CleanBoard DIY charging board.
  • What is better about CleanBuild charging board project?
  • What are other benefits of DIY parallel charging boards? 
  • Is it hard to solder DIY parallel charging board like CleanBoard? 
  • What You need to make DIY parallel charging board?

DIY parallel charging board SOLDERING-miernik

What DIY means?

DIY stands for „Do it Yourself” and Is a term that usually means saving money while doing something Yourself, instead of buying a ready product. In most cases while „doing yourself” process you learn theory of how something works which is always good for Your self development. Last but not least, it is a great way of spending quality time while making a project that You will use later on.

Ordering a kit for Your friend, or Your child might be a great idea for a present. Your child will learn with You the basics of electricity, physics and soldering. This might be the way to get Your friend into the hobby too!

What are DIY drawbacks?

First drawback of „do it yourself” is that it is best to collect every necessary part first. You don’t want to realize that this one small ph 2.0 connector or balance harness is missing in the process of creation. This may cause frustration, as You need to pay for that part, pay for extra shipping and wait for it to be delivered – postponing whole creation process.

DIY parallel charging board kit look

Second drawback of DIY projects is that You need to have knowledge of what You are doing. While making a project, You have to make research and it takes a lot of time. Asking Facebook groups for how to connect one xt30 connector to another is time-consuming and creates confusion, as people will give You different opinions. DIY parallel charging boards may be even more challenging, as mistake in DIY LiPo charging project may be dangerous.

DIY parallel charging board universal board

Third DIY drawback is the looks. Ready-made products usually looks nice, while soldering a universal soldering plate looks messy and dangerous. It is not easy too, as xt60 connector soldering point is much larger than universal soldering plates pins are.

How did the CleanBoard project start?

Cheap parallel charging boards

Usually, when You search to buy new parallel charging board You have to choices. Cheap 10-15$ parallel charging Boards, which only advantage is the price. In most cases these have cheap xt30 connector or xt60 connectors that burns easily. 

After couple of uses, You find out that balance ports were cheap too and couple of these are already broken.

Burned parallel board

The worst part is that even one mistake while connecting Your Lipo Batteries will cause short and burned trace on the PCB and You are forced to buy a new parallel board.

Two cheap parallel boards means that You could already afford a good quality one from beginning.


High quality ready LiPo parallel charging Boards.

So You start looking for a more expensive, but quality LiPo charging solution. These charging boards have all the bells and whistles, but costs a lot! Joshua Bardwell Parallel charging Board? Luminier Paraguard? Have quality 6s or 4s balance plugs, original xt60 connectors and all the fuses to keep You save, but costs a lot of money.

Idea behind CleanBoard charging board.

I did the same research and thought there has to be a middle ground. LiPo charging solution that is both cost effective and has all the quality necessary.

Then I thought: why pay extra for soldering, if most of us – FPV Pilots – can solder anyway. You get best of both worlds – nice price and best quality parts: low flammable PCB with best quality printed circuit. Original Amass xt60 connectors, or xt30 connectors. Trusted balance plugs for longevity. Soldering takes for 1 to 2 hours and makes a nice – one evening project.

DIY parallel charging board SOLDERING


What is better about CleanBuild charging board project.

Back to DIY drawbacks, CleanBoards neglects them all:

  • It’s very cost effective, as You don’t spend money on low quality Chinese soldering.
  • DIY charging board kits consists of everything You need to make a LiPo charging Board. PCB, all cables and connectors.

DIY parallel charging Board kit

  • Printed circuit board PCB is designed by professional and refined to be convenient to use. You don’t have to spend time collecting information and what connector should connect to, as every kit comes with soldering instruction video (eg ). 
  • Finally it is design to be stunning beautiful. Simple and minimalistic approach makes it stand out.

What are other benefits of DIY parallel charging boards?

You already know that CleanBoards – DIY parallel charging boards have lower price, while maintaining highest quality parts and standards. Another great benefit of making a LiPo charging board Yourself is that You can solder the parallel board with connectors that You will really use. 

You mostly charge xt30 battery instead of xt60 packs? CleanBoard PCB mounting holes were created so that it fits both connectors perfectly. Just contact us before buying and we will switch xt60 for xt30 in Your order. You can even mix!

DIY lipo charging board kit

You need 2s and 3s parallel charging board instead of 4s and 6s LiPo connectors? It is super easy to switch those too! You can contact us via messenger to get support before and after buying here:

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DIY parallel charging board 2s 3s 4s options

Is it hard to solder DIY parallel charging board like CleanBoard?

Some customers contacted us and as if it is possible to pre-solder CleanBoard parallel charging plate (board) before shipping because the are afraid it is hard to do it Yourself. Yes, with additional fee we can arrange that, but in most cases it is not necessary.

If You were able to solder even one drone, You will easily solder CleanBoard DIY kit. 


Traces are wide, and soldering pads are designed to be big and far away from each other so everyone can do it.

Every CleanBoard DIY kit comes with YouTube Video with whole soldering process, tricks&Tips and clear instructions to measure with multimeter if everything is okey before plugging in.


What You need to make DIY parallel charging board?

  • Soldering Ion
  • 1-2m of solder
  • 1-2 hours

That’s it! Everything else is in the kit!


Btw., first tip: It is not necessary, but will help a lot! Buy flux paste too. Especially if You are new to soldering, or a beginner. It’s a one simple trick, that makes a huge change. Whenever a solder joint You did is not perfect, just give it a smallestamount of flux and put Your soldering ion to the solder point once again for a moment. You will se the magic happening!

Click here for more info on out DIY Lipo charging board kits here:

CleanBoard Fuse kit – safest option to parallel charge LiPo batteries thanks to all fuses possibleCleanBoard-Fuse-safe-parallel-charging-board-withFuse-featuress


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