CleanBoard Phobos 1s kit

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Charge 1-18 1s lipo at the same time

Easy Storage mode for your LiPo

Choose LiPo quantity with a jumper

Compatible with PH 2.0 & BT 2.0 (not included)

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Up to 18 LiPo 1s at the same time!

Already got CleanBoard Tiny or Whoopstore, but more than 6 batteries?

With CleanBoard Phobos 1s You can charge, storage or discharge 1-18 Batteries at the same time. Use your previous charger when normal flying, but when You want to charge all your batteries before a training, or taking part in competition – CleanBoard Phobos is the way to go!

That is exactly what Phobos told me one day. I got Whoopstore, I got CleanBoard Tiny but when I train I need to charge all of my batteries at the same time. Can You make a board that will let me charge, or storage more than 6 Batteries? That would be great!

Check Phobos – Winner of British Tiny Whoop International and fastest Tiny Whoop Pilot in Poland and ExpressLRS and BetaFlight Dev

BT2.0 not included – buy HERE

CleanBoard Phobos 1s kit

CleanBoard Phobos was designed in collaboration with one of the worlds fastest Tiny Whoop pilots in the World and  lets you storage and charge 1-18 1s Lipo at the same time. In easiest words CleanBoard Phobos is three series charging boards merged together thanks to clever Series – Parallel Hybrid.

It is very similar to CleanBoard Tiny 1s. Same as CleanBoard Tiny, for 1-6 batteries uses serial charging, so it is safe to plug in discharged and charged batteries together too! Connecting 7-18 1s LiPo is possible thanks to a clever hybrid of Series and Parallel at the same time!


– Connector slots fits both PH2.0 and BT2.0 (not included, available here)
– Choose whatever fits You: PH2.0 or BT2.0 or even MIX
– Designed with space for Your fingers between connectors
– Max 1s LiPo base size 16mm x 12mm
– Cold-white PCB for the CleanBuild Style 🙂

Need advice on 1s LiPo charging solutions? Check this post:
Charging 1s LiPo Solutions 


CleanBoard Phobos storage 1s lipo charging board

Combines pluses of all different 1s charging solutions:
– Jumper lets you choose how many 1s batteries (1-6) you need to charge, storage or discharge
– You are using your RC charger that you probably already have. It is as super accurate as your charger so no overcharging fire hazard
– Charge, Storage or discharge 1s LiPo as you like. LiPo, LiHv? No problem!
– Safely plug 1-6 charged and discharged batteries together. Same as CleanBoard Tiny! With new clever hybrid connection 7-18 LiPo is possible! 7-18 is Parallel connection thou, so its vital to check voltage before plugging.


Works as 1s LiPo Discharger too

Because You plug CleanBoard Tiny to your RC LiPo Charger, you can use this 1s charge board as a 1s LiPo discharger too. It is as easy as plugging in Lipo, setting number of LiPo Packs with pinheaded and set Your RC Charger to discharge.

Ever had to stop flying Tiny Whoop with fully charged batteries? Afraid that it will shorten 1s packs lifespan? Just use CleanBoard Phobos 1s and discharge or storage up to 18 LiPo 1s at the same time!


CleanBoard Phobos 1s Soldering is basically the same as CleanBoard Tiny: 

CleanBoard Tiny Soldering Tips

How do I use it?

Case 1 – I want to charge, storage, discharge 1-6 1s LiPo:

  1. Plug in Your CleanBoard Phobos 1s to Your charger and plug in Your Batteries in the first row
  2. Move jumper into place corresponding to how many LiPo You plugged in
  3. Set LiPo charger to charge, storage, discharge. 1C (recommended) charge Amp rate to set equals to 1 battery mah divided by 1000 (eg. 1-6x 300mah batteries = 300 / 1000 = 0.3A)



Case 2 – I want to charge, storage, discharge 7-18 LiPo:

  1. Plug in Your CleanBoard Phobos 1s to Your charger and plug in first six Batteries in the first row
  2. Move jumper into place corresponding to how many LiPo You plugged in
  3. Every other battery above 6 has to be !voltage checked! and plugged into a row below a battery that has similar voltage. It is super easy, as You can already see first row batteries voltage at Your charger screen already.
  4. Set LiPo charger to charge, storage, discharge. 1C (recommended) charge Amp rate to set equals to sum of one column battery mah divided by 1000 (eg. 18 plugged 300mah batteries = 3 x 300 / 1000 = 0.9A)



Disclaimer: Plugging different mah batteries is allowed, but try to plug batteries in a way so that every column has similar sum of mah. This will put less stress on Your charger balancer. Otherwise Your charger will need to balance more time and charging may take more time. Nothing will burn tho 🙂


Kit consists of:


1x CleanBoard Tiny PCB
18x PH 2.0 connector
1x 6s 10 cm Balancer port connector
2x 16awg (xt60) cable
1x xt60 plug
1x Pin-header and Jumper

You will need:

– Soldering kit (soldering Ion, Soldering Paste, solder etc.)
– Really basic soldering skills (Soldering tutorial)
– Heatshring (dia: 4-5mm, about 1cm long)
Optional: BT 2.0 connectors (not included)
– Optional: Something to protect bottom PCB side against short circuit (tape, liquid tape, 3D print)

Or just buy a Base kit:

Phobos “Case PCB” kit available HERE:



If You are still confused of how to Use this board Contact Us!

Check CleanBoard Tiny 1s Here!

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