CleanBoard Classic Kit

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You can charge up to 10 LiPo Batteries at the same time.

Automotive fuse for Your safety.

Highest quality parts for longevity.

Comes in DIY kit, choose your preferred connectors.

Beautiful – minimalistic design with two PCB boards. Second as a spare, or as a case.

Compatible with most RC multi cell battery chargers.

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Best cost effective LiPo Balance charging board

Features shortcut:

  • Charge up to 10 Lipo Packs at the same time
  • Two different balance ports to choose for every xt60 or xt30
  • Much safer than cheap AliExpress boards thanks to quality parts and wide traces.
  • Automotive fuse on the main line to protect You in case of of unexpected
  • Original Amass xt60 or xt30 connectors for the best quality.
  • Highest possible quality PCB and wide traces for longevity.
  • Comes in DIY kit, so you can choose your preferred connectors for lipo batteries that You really use.
  • Beautiful – minimalistic design with two PCB boards. Second as a spare, or as a case.
  • Compatible with most RC multi cell battery chargers.




What is LiPo Parallel Charging

When charging LiPo packs with parallel charging board, You are able to charge multiple batteries at the same time. Thanks to that, you don’t have to switch every LiPo one by one and You can save time. Nowadays RC LiPo chargers can charge with high amperage, but using to many Amps on one pack may be a cause of Your LiPo wear out quickly.

When using parallel board you can connect many Lipo batteries together and charge quicker – using the full potential of your multicellular battery charger.

parallel board charging
V1 prototype

How charge LiPo in Parallel

You may have heard that charging lipo in parallel is not safe and that is truth, but using simple set of rules You can cut the risks to minimum:

  • Never leave charging lipo batteries unattended so that You can react if the worst happens.
  • You can check with your hand, if any single LiPo gets hot – stop charging and check for possible reason.
  • Plug only batteries with the same cell count. Never plug 6s and 5s packs together.
  • Always Check Voltage of every LiPo Battery before plugging in together. Plug in only batteries of similar charge state.


V1 Prototype


Why shall I buy CleanBoard Classic instead of cheaper LiPo parallel charging board?

AliExpress parallel boards are a nice way to charge many LiPos at the same time. Unfortunately, they usually lack quality. It is wise to check every board like that for shorts and soldering quality to avoid fire. Even when it is brand new. I had seen brand new AliExpress boards that already had short on main lead!

Burned parallel board

Clean Parallel Board kit lets You charge up to 10 batteries at the same time and because you solder it yourself , You may be sure that soldering quality is perfect. Soldering is super easy thanks to big soldering pads and a lot of room between each connector.

CleanBoard Classic DIY kit let’s You save money, while maintaining great quality!

The idea behind “kit to assemble yourself” is to not pay extra for low quality assembly. In this hobby, 99% of us can solder really well anyway. All you need is soldering ion and about 1m of solder.

Kit lets You choose connectors You really need for Your LiPo parallel charging board!

Other great benefit of “do it yourself” kit is that you can choose and solder connectors that fits your needs. Kit comes with:

  • 10x xt60
  • 10x 6s balance plugs
  • 10x 4s balance plugs

But the boards perfect fit other connectors too! Let’s say You fly micros and use xt30 batteries.


CleanBoard fits xt60 or xt30 plugs. You can even mix! Instead of using 6s and 4s (default) balancer plugs you can solder 2s and 3s, or 3s and 6s. Whatever you wish. Just remember to contact before ordering to check for availability 😉


Will I be able to solder it myself?

It is easier than You think, if You soldered a drone, You will easily solder CleanBoard Classic too! It is a nice, one evening project and should take about an hour.

See Yourself with CleanBoard soldering Tips and Tutorial:

Kit consists of:

  • 2x PCB
  • 11x black Amass xt60
  • 10x 6s balancer connector
  • 10x 4s balancer connector
  • 2x 14 AWG 15cm cables
  • Balancer cable
  • Plastic screws, nuts and spacers to build a case form second PCB
  • Fuse and fuse holder


Kit consists of two exactly same PCBs. 
The other one may be used as a case, or a spare one if something goes not as intended.

Safely charging with Parallel charging Board is a key here!

For safety reasons I designed PCB traces to be wider than stated in max current. Balancer traces should easy carry 6A current. Main power traces (xt60) were designed for up to 35A current. For safety and logevity of the product I suggest to fill uncovered copper at xt60 trace with solder as shown in the picture:


Is safety something You are really into?

Check CleanBoard Fuse – safest possible LiPo parallel charging board

Please remember that parallel charging may be dangerous. Cause burns or even fire.
You charge at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any harm or damage caused. Stay safe and never leave charging batteries unattended.

If you don’t know how to parallel charge Lipo – don’t do it. Even better idea would be to learn how to do it! There are many great video tutorials on “Lipo parallel charging”. MrSteele video as an example:

Thanks to Mariusz Taracha there is an .stl file for printable PCB case if you like it better that way:

Additional information



Compatible plugs

xt60, xt30. 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s


Solder my self, Solder it for me

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  1. Piotr Skala

    Bought one, when my old cheap parallel board burned. You can easily see better quality.

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